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Updated: July 23, 2024.

All water supplies come from two major sources known as ground water and surface water (lakes, streams, rivers, reservoirs.) These water supplies are contaminated by many impurities that come from natural and human activities. Water contaminants include living organisms such as bacteria and water, man-made chemicals such as pesticides, and natural occurring minerals in the ground. Water contaminants can cause problems with health, plumbing fixtures, and anything that comes in contact with the water.

Crystal Quest Water Filters: From Water Bottles To Whole House

Fortunately, municipalities treat and process water before it is delivered to homes and buildings. However, the application of disinfecting chemicals such as Chlorine creates new water problems. So even pre-treated water by municipalities is not the purest water. Municipal treated water must be further filtered, if one truly wants pure water. Owners of private water supplies such as wells, are responsible for treating their own water. The bottom line is that both public (municipal) and private water supplies must be treated and purified.

Crystal Quest Water Filters

Water filters hold the solutions to purifying impure water. Water filters are effective at removing hundreds of different contaminants found in all water sources. Water filters come in a variety of sizes, designs, prices, and technologies. There are water filtering solutions for every kind of problem ranging from purifying a bottle of water to an entire household or office building.

Crystal Quest Water Filters Under Sink

Some common technologies used by water filters include Reverse Osmosis, Activated Carbon, Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) and Ultraviolet. Each of these water filtering technologies have advantages and disadvantages over each other. For example, Ultraviolet water filters are the most effective at killing bacteria and viruses. While Activated Carbon water filters are the best at removing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC.) So it’s important to select a water filter that is going to remove the specific contaminants found in your local water supply. It is common for water filters to combine filtration technologies to offer optimum results.

Crystal Quest Water Filter Whole House

Crystal Quest is a major manufacturer in the water filter market. Crystal Quest Water Filters are unquestionably one of the best products available. With over 30 years of worldwide production, Crystal Quest Water Filters have gained a reputation of being reliable and effective. Crystal Quest produces a wide range of water filters to accommodate all kinds of water filtration ranging from personal to residential, commercial and industrial.

Whatever water filter you are looking for, Crystal Quest has the right product for you. For residential use, Crystal Quest water filters include counter top, under sink, faucet mounted, pitcher, refrigerator, showers, bathtubs. These Crystal Quest Water Filters offer purified water on the spot of use, whether the kitchen sink or showerhead. If you want pure water for the entire house, Crystal Quest Whole House Water Filters are the ideal solution. Crystal Quest also offer a great selection of personal water filters such as water bottle filters, pitchers, and even portable water filters. When you are on the go, you can still enjoy pure water with these Crystal Quest water filters.

Crystal Quest Whole House Filter

For commercial and industrial use, Crystal Quest Water Filters live up to the challenge. Crystal Quest offers large and powerful water filters to accommodate large water capacities for business buildings and industrial sites. Additionally, Crystal Quest offers an array of bottle less water coolers (dispensers) to provide a continuous supply of filtered water for a busy office.

Crystal Quest Water Filtration Products

If you are struggling to choose a water filter, Crystal Quest narrows down your choice with water filters for specific contaminants. Specific Crystal Quest Water Filters include systems for Arsenic, Fluoride, Nitrate, Sediment, Iron, Manganese, and more. You can also narrow down your choice by Crystal Quest Water Filters using only Reverse Osmosis, Granular Activated Carbon, Multi-Media, or a combination of several technologies.

Crystal Quest Water Filters

When it comes to prices, Crystal Quest Water Filters are affordable. You can find excellent Crystal Quest Water Filters for less than $100 such as countertop and under-sink products, and of course water bottles and pitchers. You can get the most advanced Crystal Quest Water Filters such as whole house products for less than $1000.00. So browse the huge selection of Crystal Quest Water Filters, and start enjoying the purest, safest water today!

Crystal Quest Water Filters


Crystal Quest Water Filters


Crystal Quest Water Filters